Each December, the SPDR ETFs team publishes an Outlook for the coming year to help investors prepare for potential market scenarios. In preparation, the research team brings a variety of ideas to the table for discussion to decide what we’ll include in our Outlook. And we had a lot of information to debate! Naturally, not every topic makes the cut for the final Outlook. But there was enough in the outtakes this year to merit another look.

In our 2019 ETF Market Outlook Outtakes video, we’ll walk through the following questions and offer some actionable ideas for investors:

  1. Tech is off to a rocky start. What’s going on, can tech stocks rebound, and how does this tie into all of the recent FAANG discussions?
  2. Will the US dollar strengthen or weaken this year?
  3. Is the price of oil going to be higher or lower in 2019?

To read all of our 2019 Market Outlook insights, you can access the full blog series here.